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Interested in buying an air compressor? Do you need information about its operation and characteristics?

If you are looking for the air compressor that fits your most common tasks, read on and let's take a look at the compressed air world.

In the next few lines we will tell you what you need to know to choose an air compressor suitable for your activities.

The air compressor: concept and operation

First of all, you should know that an air compressor is a tool that facilitates the generation of mechanical force using compressed air.

It works thanks to the exchange of energy between the fluid and the machine.

The pressure that develops inside the compressor is converted into flow energy, allowing the energy to be transmitted through hoses or tubes to another tool.

The compressed air pressure is converted into kinetic energy, providing action force for the use of other tools that function as compressor accessories and are applied in very diverse tasks.

Air compressors use increased pressure for tools to perform specific functions.

In the home, air compressors are used for simple tasks like inflating balls or tires.

In industry they fulfill much more complex and important functions.

The information that we provide below will be very useful as a guide to buy the most competent compressor for your technical tasks.

Types of air compressors

Something you should know is the difference between the current types of air compressors, so you can safely choose what you need.

There are compressors of many kinds. This means that there are also a variety of sizes and technical specifications in each category.

Air compressors can be used to inflate wheels, but they also serve such ingenious purposes as the manufacture of turbojets.

Gas compression is also possible thanks to air compressors.

In sum, it is important to understand that air compressors are multivalent tools of great importance in the modern industrial world.

Power is one of the factors that should be evaluated when choosing a compressor, since it affects its performance.

According to the power, the compressors are divided into:

  • Reduced power compressors: they have a power of up to 2CV, they are suitable for simple tasks of a domestic nature. They are the cheapest in relation to the other types.

Its applications are very basic, such as painting, cleaning and blowing different inflatable elements.

  • Medium power compressors: those with up to 4 hp are included. This type of air compressor extends its functionality beyond the tasks already mentioned. It can have great applications on a professional and commercial level. Consequently they are much more expensive, large and heavy than the previous ones.
  • Higher power compressors: these exceed 4 CV. They are used for professional tasks. They are capable of providing great strength. Its applications are in cutting materials, breaking rocks and other construction-related tasks.

Industrial air compressors

If you are looking for a compressor for industrial tasks and professional results, this is the category for you ...

These industrial compressors are used for heavy-duty tasks such as rock crushing, drilling, pouring cement, and planing large pieces, just to name a few.

An industrial air compressor can find a place in many areas. Workshops, medical centers or the heavy industry itself.  

Tasks that require high pressures and volumes of air are some of those you can do with an industrial compressor.

To choose which air compressor is most suitable for your requirements, let's see the characteristics of high power compressors.

When we choose a machinery, we must consider the inherent advantages of each model.

Silent and modern compressors

The advancement of technology in industrial machinery has positively impacted the design of air compressors.

This has promoted the design of quiet and powerful compressors.

The screw compressors, are the best example of this reality.

Its improved design offers great power at low cost and in a small footprint. In addition, they are increasingly silent.

Screw compressors are available in two versions: piston and diaphragm.

The piston is the best known and used in conventional industry.

If you think this is the best choice, the BD-15EPM Screw Compressor, is designed to work with low noise levels, this is a result of its anti-vibration pads and its enclosed equipment.

Its updated design provides durability with little maintenance.

This is a machine with patented technology that guarantees its quality and ability to respond to the most arduous tasks.

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