Screw / Compressed Air Compressors

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Are you looking for a simple and useful compression system for your business?

Then this article will be useful and interesting for you. In the next few paragraphs we will describe the functionality of the screw compressor and its applications.

But first let's define terms ...

What is a screw compressor?

A screw compressor is a machine that operates by air compression. Its operation consists of compressing the air by means of two screws. It consists of a male and a female screw.

When they join they produce positive air displacement. The resulting effect is a vacuum chamber.

The reduction in space caused by the screws generates a great pressure that drives a blast of compressed air.

Screw compressor technology is based on the linear displacement force of the air towards the outside through the outlet nozzle.

Air that is released into the compression tool continues to travel through hoses or pipes.

Currently the understanding of this style is considered the most advanced in the use of compressed air, far surpassing the understanding of pistons.

How do screw compressors work?

Let's explore a little more about the efficient but simple operation of the screw compressor:

The air circulates longitudinally, contrary to the suction point. The way in which the air pressure is regulated is through the rotors or screws.

As mentioned above, it is composed of a male and a female screw.

This simple set of shapes allows one of the screws to be inserted inside the other reducing the space available for air.

Then, by varying the size of the cavity, the pressure with which the air is expelled increases.

Consequently, the screws function as air pressure / force regulators.

In simpler words, the force of the pressure is graduated by turning the screw.

This screw is configured based on the well-known Archimedean screw or endless screw.

The ability to regulate pressure is one of the most advantageous features of the screw compressor.

In addition, thanks to the constant flow of air, a fast and very efficient compression can be achieved.

Types of screw compressors

When you go to choose a screw compressor, you can find models with some differences.

To help you decide the most suitable screw compressor for your needs, I invite you to explore the most common types and their basic characteristics.

In general, there are lubricated and non-lubricated screw compressors. Let's see:

Lubricated screw compressor:

In this type of compressor, oil is injected into the rotors. Which lubricates, seals and cools this set of parts.

This lubrication allows the rotation of the screws to be free of friction, for a better performance of the compressor.

Lubrication-free screw compressor:

The operation of this compressor is dry. That is, it is not lubricated through the use of oils.

The air is expelled without lubricant residues. For this reason, it is considered much cleaner.

Although it does not have a lubrication system, this does not affect its performance since over the years, better materials have been included in its elaboration. Which produce less friction between them.

It should be noted that other parts of the compressor do have an internal lubrication system. To ensure the proper functioning of its moving parts.

The dry screw compressors, as they are also called in some regions, previously had a symmetrical profile. For this reason friction wear used to be a problem after some time.

Today's modern oil-free screw compressors feature superior designs that ensure reduced internal leakage.

Current screw compressors have external gears that synchronize the position of the internal rotors.

Because with this mechanism the rotors do not make contact with the frame, nor with each other, lubrication is not necessary.

What are the advantages of the screw compressor?

Using compressed air can be quite a high cost for a small shop or growing industry.

By purchasing a screw compressor, you can have quite significant savings.

The real needs you have for a compressor will definitely mark the option you should choose to improve your productivity.

In addition, the capital saved by acquiring a compressor can be invested in other machines or tools.

As for the disadvantages of a screw compressor, they are actually very few.

Depending on their qualities and performance, there will always be a greater inclination towards profits.

However, some situations could be considered, such as the need for lubrication, this refers to the fact that, like all machinery, screw compressors need to receive maintenance from time to time.

Another particularity that must be considered is its size, but more and more compact models are currently being designed, making it possible to use it in closed or small environments without compromising its functionality.

Noise is usually another possible disadvantage, but modern compressors are becoming less noisy and professionals know how to apply strategies that minimize noise during operations with compressed air.

These are just a few basic considerations about screw compressors.

If you still hesitate to decide on one of these machines, you must remember that the use of compressed air in industrial processes is increasingly common and necessary.

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