How does a CNC tube bender work?

Did you know that CNC bending machines are the strongest and smartest on the market?

In this blog I will introduce you to how a CNC tube bender works, we will begin by solving the question What is a bender? We will continue to present you 6 components that you must know to understand how it works and we will end with an explanation of how the CNC tube bender works, at this point you can also find a video tutorial that will show you what it can do and how it works in all its styles.

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What is a CNC tube bender?

Tube bending machines are machines that have the function of bending tubes of different calibers, there are several types of bending machines, however, here we are going to talk specifically about the CNC, although if you want to know more about bending machines in general you can visit our Web page.

CNC benders (computerized machine control) are fully automated machines that have an advanced computing system that directs the electric motors that in turn move the high-resistance parts that allow us to bend or bend tubes with simple or complex shapes with a excellent quality, on the other hand, with manual benders, some bends and curvatures are left with wrinkles or imperfects that cannot be fixed later or it is very difficult to do so.

6 main components of a CNC tube bender

I am going to explain the five components of a CNC bending machine so that you understand better when I explain the operation of this machine.

1. Curving matrix:

This matrix is the main element of the bending because they are two pieces that mold the tube with a previously determined radius of curvature. This matrix is made up of two pieces, a curved portion (the length depends on the degree of bending, in addition to compensating for the elastic recovery that occurs after bending, it includes an excess) and a straight portion (the piece that holds the part of the tube after bending). folded) both have a center groove.

2. Clamping matrix:

This die holds the tube and works with the bending die, the size of this die depends on the size of the tube and the bending radius and the length matches the clamping part of the die above.

3. Polishing matrix:

This matrix is a piece that prevents the tube from wrinkling or being damaged when bending it. This piece works in conjunction with the mandrel and its shape is a semicircle with variable length. Its function is to prevent the piece from wrinkling during bending, this matrix allows an aesthetic and exact bending.

4. Interlocking chuck:

The mandrel is one of the most important parts of this machine since it is responsible for providing support inside the tube, its shape and material depend on the diameter and thickness of the tube that it is going to hold, due to this there are a great variety of mandrels . The main function is that the tube does not suffer deformations or wrinkles, this piece complements the polishing matrix.

5. Pressure matrix:

This matrix provides a constant pressure on the tube and it follows the entire bending process, it works as a containment tool during the process, which achieves two main advantages: it can reduce the narrowing of the wall of the tube that is bending and bending. they can minimize the imperfect of the tube when bending it.

6. CNC board

The function of this board is to give the orders to the machine to make the bending of the material, then the bending specifications are entered into the machine board and it starts.

It should be clarified that before entering the specifications to the CNC board, the way in which the tube is to be bent must be carried out from a specific program and configured with the thickness, length and diameter of the material to be used, the specifications that the program throws up are those that are placed on the CNC board.

How does a CNC tube bender work?

We get to the heart of this blog, the explanation of how a CNC tube bender works.

A CNC tube bender works with a computer system that controls the mechanical parts and the hydraulic system, the bending instructions and material characteristics are given to the computer. This type of bender ensures precise bending of exact dimensions and consistent curvatures, and all of the components described above work together to perform bending effectively.

In the upper part the tube to be bent is placed, after giving the order to the machine, it starts from the back to push the tube and the front part, which is where all the components described above are, bends the tube according to the angle and length placed on the computer, this machine allows to make complex figures with a single tube.

Describing the process of a machine is more complex, so I invite you to watch the following video.

In conclusion, the operation of these machines is completely automatic, it has a computer that directly manages the bender systems so that its work is optimal and you can handle it without problem, you enter the characteristics of the bending and the material and wait for it to do work for you.

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