Hydraulic Press HD 30 Tons Turkish

Prensa Hidráulica 30 toneladas Tipo Taller


  • Ability to bending / punching / straightening / pulling / etc.
  • Manufactured under European CE standards.
  • Welded steel frame.
  • Adjustable work table at various heights.

Accessories included:

  1. Chrome cylinder.
  2. Oil pressure gauge.
  3. Hydraulic pressure adjuster.
  4. User manual.

Technical data sheet HD Hydraulic Press 30 Tons

Jack pressure capacity30 Ton
Useful space between columns490 mm
Column hardware25 mm
Distance between front and rear hardware200 mm
Minimum-maximum useful space between piston and table300 - 700 mm
Hydraulic piston stroke170 mm
Motor2 HP
Oil tank capacity5 lt.
Weight550 Kg
Machine dimensions (L * W * H)1200x600x2200 mm

Workshop Type Hydraulic Press List