New Machinery VS Used Machinery, which is better?

When we make the decision to buy a machine it is because we need to solve a need that has been generated in our workshop.

If our shop is starting we tend to look at used machines that fit our budget, however you can find new machines for just as good prices.

In this blog I will introduce you to "New Machinery VS Used Machinery" in 5 aspects that will help us define which machine is better and why you should buy it.

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New Machinery vs Used Machinery

When you go to buy a machine you should go through 5 main stages:

·         Pre purchase: define the machines you want to buy

·         Search: Find it with an authorized dealer that provides technical support and the reliability necessary to purchase the equipment

·         Machine quality: look at recommendations and opinions on this.

·         Mark: find the most recognized brands

·         Maintenance: Find out if the maintenance issue favors you.

After having these steps defined we can see which is the perfect machine for you, then I will present the advantages and disadvantages from 5 specific points so that you can acquire the best equipment for your workshop.

Although, if you are already convinced that you want a used machine then I recommend that you read our blog: 6 factors to consider when buying used machinery.

1. Technology.

When we talk about technology, the best machines are those that have the most advanced models or, failing that, the latest to hit the market.

So when buying a used machinery you should investigate which model they are in and what are the differences between one and the other, so that you have clarity of whether, the one you are looking at, is the one you need.

With new machinery you should look at the models, because as in all technological products, some are more advanced than others, so you would have to do the same.

After defining if it is better for you technologically speaking to buy a new or a used one, we continue with the maintenance.

2. Maintenance.

Maintenance is very important for all machines, because it ensures and prolongs the useful life and correct operation of the machine.

With used machines, you should look at when was the last maintenance they did, to know in what condition it is, how often it needs to be serviced, if it should be done by a technician or if it brings a manual to help us do it and how much does it cost to do it .

With new machinery, you should ask the same thing, the only difference is that it takes a little longer to do maintenance and you can do it through some technical support that gives you the guarantee of the same.

3. Opinions and reviews

Finding opinions and reviews of used items online can be difficult or complex.

Therefore, if you are determined to buy a used machine, I recommend that you call an expert, so that you can value the machine and can give you a clear and concise opinion that will help you to know if it is a good idea to buy the machine.

Now if you want a new machine I recommend that you read a blog and opinion sites so that you have more references about the machine in addition to the seller's page.

4. Machine specifications

At this point you should already have defined which are the specifications of the machine you are looking for.

In used machines you must make sure that all the parts of the machine work correctly, the bearings, the electrical part, among other things. In addition to meeting the specifications you are looking for, for this reason it is very important that you see it in action.

In new machines you must make sure through the seller's website that the specifications are what you need and I recommend that you ask the seller for a video to see how it works and if it is the machine you imagine.

5. Vision for the future.

Industrial machines are machines built to last for an extended amount of time.

In used machines you should look at the time that the machine has left in its useful life, this is essential when making the purchase because it ensures that it will work properly for the rest of the time.

Although it may last longer, it is better to buy it with a use time of less than 30%.

In new machines this is not a problem because you take them directly from the manufacturer's or seller's warehouse. What you have to look at is if the machine you are looking for will work for the problems that may arise in the future, because obviously it will last longer than the used one.

Well my dear friend, we have reached the end of this blog, I hope it helps you and you can define which machine is best for you to solve the needs you have in your workshop.

Here at Aeromaquinados we have new machines for your workshop, don't wait any longer and visit our website to define which one you need.

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