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Sheet bending machines can be used for sheet metal shaping. It has special functions, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to choose a rolling machine for your organization, you must first know the characteristics of each one and its functionality.

So join us in the next few lines and you can have a clear concept of the rolling machine you need for your business ...

The first point is to know what exactly a rolling machine is:

Sheet bending machines, operation and operational fundamentals

Sheet rolling machines, or benders, are very versatile machines, useful in large-scale cylinder production tasks.

Currently, the implementation of CNC technology has renewed the field of action of rolling machines and greatly facilitated their handling.

However, it is essential that the operators of conventional rolling machines have notions about the operation and experience to operate them properly and with the best possible results.

This type of machinery is often identified as a rolling press. 

Sheet bending machines are equipped with crowning systems that compensate for possible variations. Both in the thickness of the material, and in the pressure exerted by the machine on itself.

The rolling machines have a function: to transform a sheet into a curved structure. Generally cylindrical in shape.

Rollers can create a complete cylinder, with excellent precision.

They are generally more efficient in producing large diameter cylinders.

Supporting fixtures can be attached to most rolling machines to prevent collapse of the sheet ends during rolling.

Which sheet bending machine to choose?

If your production is of large diameter cylindrical pieces in large quantities, you need a sheet bending machine

The Sheet Rolling Machine W11-8 × 2500mm, has an upper roller that moves vertically. The movement takes place along the central axis.

The lower rollers rotate by a driving force from the reducer. This model has a rolling capacity of 8mm thick, in terms of length, it has a capacity of 2.5 meters.

Fortunately, there are currently hybrid machines that make it easy to obtain many products in different curvatures, with greater possibilities for series production.

The ease of combining its molds gives it considerable variability in profiles and sizes.

As an interesting point it has a control panel that facilitates the functions of the operator.

Where to buy rolling machines at a good price in Colombia?

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